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NEWS : 26|09|12

star*key are back with another two-tracker!

"Eternity" and sister track "The Beast" see star*key continuing in the moody, ethereal direction of last year's debut "No Way Out". Atmospheric guitars and twisted Moog layers interweave with Seah-Maria's spine-tingling vocals over quirky, dub-infused beats. Lyrically, these two stories see star*key no longer the victim, but very much in control. Be afraid! Available now as a FREE download from the GoldHill store.

star*key | "Eternity" GoldHill Records


star*key | "Eternity"

star*key | "No Way Out"

Jackal | "Say Yes"

Emlyn All-Stars | "RE[VOICE]"

Emlyn All-Stars | "[VOICE]"

Hidden | "Hidden"

Somatik | "Zor"

Somatik | "Learning the Colours"

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NEWS : 07|10|11

Brand new star*key 2-track single
Star*key is a collaboration between Branwen Somatik and Seah-Maria. Dark, twisted guitars, distorted atmospheres and sonically crunched-up beats underpin Seah-Maria's haunting vocals... Available now on iTunes, Amazon, Juno, Beatport, and all good download stores. Click here to buy for 1.20 from the GoldHill Bandcamp store.

star*key | "No Way Out"

NEWS : 14|09|11
"Say Yes" EP | Out now!
Talented, young producer Oli Morgan delivers some atmospheric dubstep and progressive house on his fantastic five-track debut. Featuring the haunting vocals of Meg Ella and Seah-Maria, "Say Yes" has already been causing hype. Don't miss out on this exciting GoldHill Release!
Click here to buy for 3.00 from the GoldHill Bandcamp store.

Jackal | "Say Yes"

NEWS : 21|02|11
RE[VOICE] remix album [GHDL004]
Students from the Ysgol Gyfun Emlyn Music Technology department have produced a series of ten special remixes of some of the songs from the original [VOICE] project (see below). The quality is again incredibly high, demonstrating yet more enthusiasm and talent. More genre barriers have been broken, with a highly diverse range of music, including contemporary house, psychedelic folk, nu-metal, electronica, and urban soul. Click here to read more about the project.

Emlyn All-Stars | "RE[VOICE]"

NEWS : 11|07|10
[VOICE] [GHCD003] out now!
Between July the 10th and 11th, 2010, twelve students and their Music Technology tutor embarked upon a sponsored non-stop 24 hour recording session at Ysgol Gyfun Emlyn in west Wales. The result was the much-praised '[VOICE]' album, a diverse collection of quality music ranging from pop songs, to grungy rock, to electronica and folk. All proceeds from the CD go towards equipment and resources for the Music Technology department at the school. Click here to read more about the project or to buy the CD.
Emlyn All-Stars | "[VOICE]"

NEWS : 25|01|10
Long-awaited Hidden album released
Five years in the making, the Hidden album is a beautiful collaboration between talented singer/songwriter Lita Joy and versatile producer/engineer Branwen Somatik. The two shared flashes of sonic inspiration and lyrical adventures in studios in London and west Wales between 2004 and 2009, steadily creating twelve tracks of colourful stories and cinematic musical imagery. Much anticipated by fans of Somatik and Lita alike, the album finally meets an eager audience. Buy it on CD or MP3 here...
Hidden | "Hidden"

NEWS : 10|08|07
Zor | Somatik Asian Underground classic
Over a decade ago Somatik produced a drum & bass track entitled "Zor". It was quickly allocated by Talvin Singh for the follow up compilation to the seminal "Anokha | Soundz of the Asian Underground" album. Sadly however, the Anokha 2 album never surfaced, despite making it as far as mastering, and "Zor" never saw an official release. Since then the track has been in limbo, perpetually causing chaos at clubnights in the UK and India, as well as featuring regularly on a number of radio shows, notably Electro East and Friction shows on BBC Asian Network. Buy it here!
Somatik | "Zor"

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